AWT Tensor Rack


Product Code AWT-TENSOR
Manufacturer AWT
Condition New
Weight 72.000lb

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Saturn’s newly re-engineered Tensor-18 combines both economy and mobility, and is perfect for commercial, educational, and institutional applications.

The Tensor-18 features deep trays and solid steel construction with two rubber tray bumpers, allowing sufficient space for airflow between the shelves. These rubber bumpers hold more weight and larger sheets while maintaining stability and proper shelf spacing.

The Tensor-18 also has a positive locking mechanism: Original TrayLock, which holds the rack firmly in place after it is lifted to adjust or move substrates. With four casters for easy mobility the Tensor-18 is invaluable in organizing production under the most restrictive shop or classroom configurations.

Standard Features

  • New rust resistant powder coated shelves
  • New thicker gauge steel wire shelf design
  • New 6″x6″ mesh size
  • New larger bumpers for more shelf support
  • 18″ x 24″ trays easily hold card stock, posters, signs and frames
  • Retaining strip keeps shelves in place
  • Positive locking mechanism easily holds trays up
  • Two rubber spacers increase stability, hold extra weight and longer substrates
  • Mounted on four casters for easy mobility
  • Fast, easy assembly

Options and Accessories

  • Three models available
  • Spare parts and components
  • Replacement casters
  • Rack assembly